ImageMaker v3.5 UK photoediting for Windows
  • ImageMaker v3.5 UK photoediting for Windows

Photoediting ImageMaker v3.5 English

Easy to use artistic photoediting for Windows

Photoediting of landscapes, portraits and abstract images.

  • Edit colors.
  • Combine colors: Mix, merge and weave.
  • Remove a background from the subject.
  • Edit a photo, image or text in an unique way using one of the Chaos-effects.
  • Move colors in a photo.
  • Merge two photos using an adjustable pattern.
  • Merge two photos using Logic.

Prepare your photos to print.

  • Specify the dimensions and add a border.
    Using one color or another image.
  • Create a CD- or DVD-label.
    Add straight and curved texts.
  • Prepare the photo to order a canvas.
    Specifiy the dimensions and the ImageMaker handles the rest. What you see is what you get.
  • Prepare a photo to upload to a website.

Download ImageMaker UK (English Photoediting)

Use this link Download ImageMaker UK and try the photoediting software without charge.
Including English manual and examples in Pdf-format.

Questions or remarks?

Send an email to
Ideas for changes, additions or new effects are always welcome!


To save the edited photos you will need the ProgramKey:
  • Order the ProgramKey:
    Download the program. You receive the ProgramKey within 1 day by email.
  • Order the CD- and ProgramKey-combination:
    You will receive the CD and ProgramKey by mail.

What can't you do with the ImageMaker?

With the ImageMaker you cannot remove spots. You cannot straighten the horizon.
It is not used to soften the photo. You cannot remove pimples and winkles.
In short: It is not about enhancing your photo or making your subjects looks perfect.
Many other programs will do that job for you.

What can you do with the ImageMaker?
Experiment and be surprised!

A specific photo "asks" for a specific effect.
Depending on your photo the different effects will lead to ugly, average, beautiful or amazing results.
Results, which you could not think of beforehand. 
Photoediting with the ImageMaker mostly leads to a "rougher" photo rather then a "smooth" photo.


The ImageMaker-photoediting program is designed, programmed and produced by the engineer, programmer and photographer Frank Klaassen.

Pay his websites a visit, he will be honoured:

Portrait Photography:

Landscape Photography:

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